ascend-mate-root As we written on the start, isn’t just a news site. We hope to bring you guides about various things and this is just a start. On this guide you will find information about how to gain root access on Huawei’s Galaxy Note 2 rival Ascend Mate MT1-U06. Rooting the Ascend Mate is easy thanks to the rooting tools available on the internet. However do this at your own risk and HuaweiNews won’t be liable for any damages that might happen. After rooting, you might loose the ability to receive OTA updates but its possible to update manually by placing the update file on the SD card. So again proceed at your own risk!

First step is to install the USB drivers of your Ascend Mate. Connect your phone to computer and sometimes you might already have the drivers installed. Else download the drivers from here -  .

This is not a installer package so you will have to extract the file and install the drivers manually by providing the path to the file. Leave a comment if you don’t understand the procedure of installing the drivers. Now you need to enable USB debugging on your Ascend Mate. Inorder to do that navigate to Settings->Developer Options->USB Debugging

Now download the Eroot tool here – And open it up. This is the simple software used to root the Ascend Mate. I haven’t been able to find an English version of this but have no fear as this is really easy. If your phone is detected successfully it will show the below screen eroot Just click the “Root” button and wait few minutes until the software finishes its job.  If the rooting is successful it will display a screen like below eroot-sucess Congratulations its done :) Reboot your phone and verify. If you launcher doesn’t work after rooting, you will have to install a different launcher from Google Play.  Leave a comment if you need anymore information regarding this process.