Everybody is now in to making phablets. After the succession on Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 which can make phone calls, now Huawei has entered to the phablet market with its newest Mediapad 7 Vogue. Huawei seems to be marketing this as a smartphone and tablet bundle with its press images which you can see below. This is not the first time that Huawei has made a 7inch tablet which can make calls. Previously they have released Mediapad 7 Lite last year which is also a 7inch tablet.


Mediapad 7 Vogue comes with 1.2Ghz Huawei K3V2 quad core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage,Microsd expansion,4100Mah battery and 7inch 600×1024 IPS LCD screen.  Android 4.1 will be onboard with Emotion UI 1.5 and it will be available as WiFi only version or HSPA+ version which has the calls and sms facility. Availability information is not straight right now but Huawei says it will be available on China on end of this month and it will follow the international release soon. Read the press release here