Few days ago we have covered the launch of MediaPad 7 Vogue  launch. Guess what we have now? Huawei has just announced the MediaPad 7 Youth tablet to the public. Same as “Vogue” it features the ability to make calls and HSPA connectivity. Specialty of the MediaPad 7 Youth is that it has a nice 1080P 10 point touch LCD display at 315ppi which puts the MediaPad 7 Youth in the Retina display territory.

Build quality seems to be exceptional as it features aluminium unibody and 9.9mm thickness. It weights just 350g which is bit higher than the Nexus 7 but acceptable because of the use of metal. We still don’t know about the exact processor it uses but Huawei said that it is a 1.6Ghz dual core processor built on the 28nm fabrication process, so we can believe that’s a variant of Huawei K3V2 processor series. Battery wise it has a 4100mAh battery and it should be fine for a good day of use. Also Huawei is claiming that MediaPad 7 Youth can be on power on standby mode for 2 weeks We still don’t know about the RAM and Internal storage options but we will have the details soon.

Also MediaPad 7 Youth comes with Android 4.1 Jelly bean with Emotion UI on top of it. Huawei’s selection of Android 4.1 seems to be odd considering the Android 4.3 is just around the corner. But they might update to the latest version after they release it. MediaPad 7 Youth is set to go on sale on the third quarter this year on China,Russia and Asia.