So you owns an Ascend Y300? Yes its a great phone but wait any Android is not complete until you root it. Rooting is about getting the super user access on your mobile phone. Just like the getting the Administrator account access on your PC. So on this guide you will find about how to root Huawei Ascend Y300. B164,

Rooting Y300 is easy by unlocking the bootloader. But unlocking boot loader means you are losing the warranty so its not a great way to achieve root.  This guide focuses on how you can root Y300 without having to touch the bootloader. This guide supports rooting  B166, B169, B171, B173, B174, B175, B176, B178 firmwares.

As always we would like to remind you that there is a risk when playing with the system files on your phone. So do this at your own caution and wont be liable for any damages that might occur!


  •  Copy this “dload” folder to your Y300’s SD card main directory

Now turn off the phone and press volume up + volume down + power button at the same time to power on the phone and this will run a firmware update on your phone. A green tick will be displayed after its done and Y300 will reboot.

Now install the unlockroot3.exe from the downloaded archive. Then enable USB debugging on your phone by going in to Settings-> Developer Settings. And then plug the phone on the computer. Your PC will recognize your phone as a CD drive and install the ADB drivers by running Windriver.exe from /drivers/adb_driver/ directory on the recognized CD drive.

Then unlockroot will recognize your phone and click the “ROOT” button on there. Click “NO” when it asks to install power saver. It will take few minutes to complete and reboot your Y300 after its done. That’s it you are now rooted!


Sometimes you might face strange errors such as camera not working and color issues on screen. If you face such an issue just run install-windows.bat file on the Y300-Boot-B176 directory and you will be fine.

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