Just about 5 months after the release of Huawei Ascend Mate, Now the news about a possible successor has bean leaked on a french web site. As shown above, we now have the possible pictures of the front panel of Ascend Mate 2. Interestingly Ascend Mate 2 screen size is same as its predecessor, the Ascend Mate measuring 6.1 inches.
Ascend Mate2

The first Ascend Mate didn’t gained huge success for Huawei but Huawei isn’t going to be left out in this category. Launching Ascend Mate 2 in coming few months doesn’t make much sense because Samsung is set to release its phablet king Galaxy Note 3 on the upcoming months. But if Huawei can come up with decent specs and  good price point, it wont be hard for Huawei  to win customers hearts with Ascend Mate 2.