Just about a week ago we have wrote about the Huawei Ascend P6 B111 firmware official release. Now we have a new leaked firmware for Ascend P6 numbered B114. According to the folks at Huaweiblog this is a internal test firmware for a upcoming release and there aren’t any major changes except some optimizations.

Kernel Version has been changed to 3.0.8-00781 from 3.0.8-00780 which was present on B111. The biggest change seems to be the power consumption optimizations and Huawei has included a new App to kill power consuming Apps and energy management. Using that option tends to reduce the power consumption by about 25% and will give you more usage per single charge.  Some early testers has also mentioned this new ROM being little bit faster for them than the B111.

You can follow the official Huawei firmware upgrade guide to flash this ROM on your Ascend P6 – http://huaweinews.com/2013/08/ascend-p6-official-firmware-upgrade-guide/ But make sure that this is a test firmware and bugs maybe present. HuaweiNews isn’t responsible for any damages that might occur. When you flash this over B111 Apps and other data seems to be preserved but make sure to backup everything before you flash.

Download B114 Firmware from here – http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-P6/B114-leak.rar