Huawei Ascend G615 U9508 and Honor 2 U9508B are close brothers but the names are different because Huawei decided to name the successor of G615 as Honor 2. Modding both of the phones are very similar and here’s our guide to install custom recovery on these phones in order to install custom ROM’s on your Ascend G615 or Honor 2.

Installing custom recovery is a must to install custom ROMs because stock Huawei Android recovery doesn’t let you to flash any other roms beside Huawei official ones. Currently the only available custom recovery is in Chinese language but its not a big problem since there are only few options and its easy to identify those as numbers. Just see below guide



As always make sure that installing custom ROMs/Recovery is about modifying the system files of your phone and there is always a risk of damaging your phone by doing so. isn’t liable for any damages that might happen to your phone so proceed at your own risk.

Disable Fastboot and enable USB debugging

Go to Settings and disable fastboot. On the Developer Options section you have to enable USB Debugging

Then connect your device to the PC and choose USB Storage option when you get asked to choose the connection type.

Download the recovery and apply it

Download this recovery flash program –

Extract it and open the .exe file. This will open an MS-DOS program which looks like this



Its in Chinese and its asking to enter the number for your command. Type 1 and press enter. This option is to install Chinese Recovery on your Ascend. This will take sometime and after its done it will reboot your device. Now custom recovery installation is done.

How to install Custom ROM’s

ROM’s comes as a .zip file. You need to place the .zip file on the root of your SD card. And boot in to recovery by turning off the phone and then pressing “Power button + Volume UP” at the same time.

Use volume up/down keys to navigate and power button to select. Select the 4th option to wipe data and when its done select the first option to factory reset.

Now select the 2nd option and then 4th to navigate to custom rom installation part on the recovery and choose the .zip rom file on your SD Card and then select the first option to confirm installation.

After its done choose last option to go back then then first option to reboot your phone.

Congratulations you have just installed a custom ROM on your smartphone.