Huawei has just announced its newest Agile Network architecture and the S12700 Agile Switch which is primarily designed to accommodate larger Ethernet frames and the SDN (Software Defined Networking) architecture.  SDN is all about making networks more open by supporting newer network requirements like BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support, Cloud computing and enabling broader software access to low level network functions of the Switch.

Network Administrators can reprogram these switches to support newer functions of their network as time goes on without having to modify the hardware or replace the switch. According to Huawei this new S12700 switches will be faster than the traditional ASIC based switches and it has its own Ethernet network processor.

Launch of the S12700 switch is a major advantage for the small scale companies who needs SDN like control for their campus networks. Other players like Cisco is focusing on the much bigger networks with their SDN products. Pricing isn’t announced yet but knowing Huawei, we can certainly think that it will be reasonable primarily because this product is targeted at small campus networks.

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