Released on November 2012, Huawei Honor 2 U9508 is the successor to the original Huawei Honor and its a major smartphone on Huawei’s lineup with some decent specs available at the time when it was released. With beautiful 720P HD IPS touchscreen, 2GB of RAM and 1.4Ghz QuadCore Huawei K3V2 and 8MP camera, Huawei has sold record number of Honor 2’s worldwide. If you are reading this article you probably might have this phone. On this guide I will explain how to gain Root access on Honor 2 with few simple easy to follow steps.



As always make sure that Rooting is about modifying the system files of your phone and there is always a risk doing so. isn’t liable for any damagaes that might happen to your phone so proceed at your own risk. You might not be able to receive future OTA updates from Huawei if you root your device.

Rooting is done by a small command line windows application. Prior to that, you must have USB drivers of Honor 2 installed on your computer. Download the USB drivers from below link

Install it on your computer and plug your phone to the computer and let it recognize the drivers and install. You need to make sure USB debugging is enabled before plugging your phone to the PC. You can enable it on the Settings menu. Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging

Then download the tool below called motochopper. Its a universal Android rooting tool created by a XDA-Developers forum member.

Extract the .zip archieve and you will find a file called “run.bat” just oped it and wait until it does its job. It might take few minutes and when it says complete, Just restart your phone and congratulations! Your Honor 2 is now rooted. You will find the SuperUser app on the menu.