Huawei is marching towards innovation on a rapid phase and this news comes just few days after Huawei launched its S12700 Agile SDN Switch . On a press release Huawei has announced the deployment of their newest technology 400GE (400 Gigabit per second) IP network on Mobily network Saudi Arabia.

This new core network uses  Huawei NE5000E 400G Router which is an another industry first. NE5000E said to include 100G,40G,10G ports to provide the 400G capacity per line card. NE5000E Router consumes just 1W of power per 1G and that’s really promising to the carriers to keep the energy costs low and certainly for the mother nature.

Middle East continent is one of the first to adopt FTTH Internet and advanced mobile data technologies such as LTE so this new 400G IP network systems will help the carrier “Mobily” to handle the big data efficiently and fast as possible.

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