Huawei is gearing towards to be the good guy in the Android smartphone world. Even though most phones are still boot loader locked and lacking kernel source codes, Huawei managed to release Ascend Mate and Ascend G615 / Honor 2 Kernel source codes not too far ago.

Following that, Huawei has now released the Ascend P2 Android Jelly Bean Kernel 3.0.8  source codes to the public. This won’t be any important news for the average consumer but in the world of custom ROM’s and kernels this is a big news for those who own an Ascend P2. Having the kernel source code will help the ROM and Kernel developers to access the device internals better and then build better,capable ROMs and Kernels because of the native Huawei drivers are included in the kernel.

And as always there are different versions of Ascend P2 specific to the China, International and CDMA, Huawei has released source code for all 3 of them. Download links are below

Kernel Version – 3.0.8

International Ascend P2-6070 –

Ascend P2-6013 –

Ascend P2-6011 –