Firmware updates for Ascend P6 seems to be coming at a rapid phase. Just few days ago we have wrote about the Ascend P6 B114 Firmware leak. And about 2 weeks ago Huawei has released the official B111 Android 4.2.2 firmware update for Ascend P6. But now Huawei seems to be rolling out a new update called B112 for its popular handset Ascend P6

New update carries the firmware version number P6 U06V100R001C00B112 and you can update your P6 by navigating in to the “System Update” menu on Settings. Update is 332MB in size and your user data wont get deleted when you update.

This update seems to bring performance improvements and signal reception improvements. I personally experienced increased battery life after this update. This update is OTA (Over The Air) type update so we can’t give you a standalone installer at the moment but that will follow shortly to whomever couldn’t receive the update online.

Altogether its nice to see Huawei is doing a nice job on firmware updates bringing improvements at least on their flagship phones. But the lack of updates for their mid range phones is still a problem.

1. Update 2013/10/08 – Huawei has released the B117 firmware for the China Unicom Ascend P6 – 

2. Update 2013/10/11 Official B118 firmware has been leaked today. Read more about it here –