Clockworkmod is the most famous and feature rich recovery software in the Android world. Clockworkmod basically allows you to flash custom ROM’s, Take/Restore Backups, Wipe Data/Cache partitions etc. However most Huawei Android smartphones doesn’t get any official support from the Clockworkmod recovery developers yet so the existing Clockworkmod recoveries for Huawei phones are ports from the official distribution. Since most of the Huawei smartphone community resides in China, most of these ports are based on Chinese language.

XDA-Developer forum users “stickman99″ and “surdu_petru” has managed to build an English version of Clockworkmod for Huawei Ascend P6. They have created both Clockworkmod touch recovery and the standard Clockworkmod recovery tools. Version number of Clockworkmod is  V6.0.3.6 and like mentioned previously, you have 2 options to install.

You will have to Root your Ascend P6 before installing and here’s our guide for that –

 1. Clockworkmod Touch recovery App

This is the safest method to try because this executes as a separate program, not touching or being installed on the boot loader. You need to be rooted and install [Download link on the bottom] the Clockworkmod as an app and grant root access when it asks for it. To use this you need to open the app on the launcher and your Ascend P6 will reboot to the recovery.

2. Regular Clockworkmod recovery

This is the regular and most used version of Clockworkmod and it will be installed on your Ascend P6’s boot loader. And also you need to install the previous mentioned Clockworkmod Touch recovery to install this one. Find the XDA thread below with the instructions for this and the download links

Download/Instructions for both and the XDA thread-