Just few days ago we have brought you a custom ROM for your G615/Honor 2  and a guide to Root and install custom recovery on your Ascend G615/Honor 2. Like so many previous firmware leaks, Huaweiblog.de has managed to get hold of a new leaked firmware for Huawei Ascend G615/Honor 2/U9508. This time its a Android 4.2.2 build which is numbered as B702.

This seems to be the first leaked Android 4.2.2 firmware for the Ascend G615/Honor 2 and unfortunately its in Chinese. The problem this being Chinese is that you have to flash Google Apps separately. But you have the option to set the language to English or German on the ROM.

And also if you decide to flash this ROM keep in mind that this is a early build and this might be too problematic to use as a daily driver. And there might be bugs that might brick your phone, so flash this at your own risk and Huaweinews wont be liable for any damages that might occur.

Download – http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-G615/UPDATE.APP

To install place this UPDATE.APP on a directory called /dload/ on your SD card. And then on your G615 navigate to Settings -> Storage -> Software Update -> SD card update and then follow instructions there.

If you would like to install Google Apps (Google Play,Gmail,Youtube) follow this translated guide – http://goo.gl/FGrL0c

We agree that installing Google Apps that way is too much for average user. So you can wait until someone comes up with a custom ROM using this leaked build to have a all in one flash file or lets hope Huawei release the final version soon.