Just about 10 days ago Microsoft announced the purchase of Nokia’s mobile devices section for 5.44 Billion Euros ($7.7 Billion). So now Microsoft will continue to push Nokia smartphones with Windows Phone operating system even more than the Nokia did. This might be a deal breaker for other Windows Phone device manufacturers like Samsung,HTC,Huawei etc. These manufacturers are still silent about their decision about future Windows Phones. However Huawei came in to the front and announced that it will continue to build Windows Phone smartphones.

“We will continue to develop devices running Windows Phone, and launch more products. We remain one of Microsoft’s strategic partners.” – Richard Ren, In-charge of Huawei Consumer Device Europe

Huawei’s Windows Phone devices like Ascend W1 seems to be very popular in Chinese market. And as one of key players in the Asian and Europe market, Huawei’s focus on building more Windows Phone devices will force other companies to push the limits on their Windows Phone devices.

However Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia might not affect the other device manufacturers at all. Remember that Google owns Motorola? In fact Google doesn’t seem to be pushing the Motorola and Android much. Same thing might happen with Microsoft and Nokia deal but when considering about the Nokia’s financial and market state now, It needs a huge push to be back on track. So we cant be sure on anything.