We all know that BlackBerry is struggling for its existence as of now. Its sad to see such an innovative and elegant company in the past going down like this. In the past few months there has been rumors going on and we reported about Huawei stepping up and buying Nokia, but Huawei later denied that its not going to happen. Later Microsoft stepped in and bought Nokia.

After that news fiasco, Rumors started about Huawei buying up the struggling BlackBerry. Of course Huawei is rich enough to buy BlackBerry and considering the amount Nokia got sold, I personally don’t think BlackBerry worth even close to the Nokia’s amount.

Interestingly Huawei’s senior vice president Chen Lifang told to Reuters that “China’s Huawei will not buy another mobile phone maker, such as Blackberry, to grow its market share in smartphones” and she told to reporters in London that “We want to rely on ourselves.”  So we can safely think that BlackBerry wont be acquired by Huawei anytime soon.