Huawei is doing extremely well in the European and the Asian smartphone and carrier network market now. Popularity of the recent flagship smartphone Ascend P6 has proved that Huawei can challenge the big players and Huawei is on a fast track to improve their products. Huawei introduces the next iterations for their current phones within a year unlike the big players yearly upgrade schedule.

This growth will come mainly from consumer devices and enterprise,”  Gaston Khoury  the Vice President of  Huawei Western Europe sales, said at a media presentation in Sweden.

Today Huawei has told to Reuters that they are expecting a 10% revenue growth over the next 5 years of time.  As the world’s No2 telecommunications equipment maker Huawei won’t have any big barriers to break to achieve this growth. After seeing solid profits for the first half of this year, everything is going according to the plan for Huawei. Huawei has earned $18.59 billion total revenue on the first quarter this year.

Coming months and years will be definitely interesting for all of us Huawei fans and we can certainly expect big product announcements from the Chinese company.