Huawei has licensed ARM’s V8 architecture technology. This is few days old news but for those who haven’t heard this already, bear your patience! ARMv8 is all about 64bit low power processor technology and as most of you might already know, this allows your next Huawei smartphone to have more than 4GB of RAM.

ARM is a British company who designs processors and architectures and licenses out the designs to third parties so they could build new processors by improving the architecture or build processors by following the ARM’s blueprints. You can find ARM processors everywhere including your DSL router. Almost all of the mobile phones use ARM processor technology including Samsung,LG,HTC,Apple. Huawei’s popular K3V2 processor is also based on the ARM architecture.

Since 2004 Huawei has strong relationship with ARM and licensed most of the architectures already including the ARM Cortex A15 which the upcoming K3V3 processor is based on. ARMv8 is the way to the future as manufacturers already started the RAM race and the best example is Galaxy Note 3 which employs 3GB of RAM. Next year 4GB RAM will become the norm and race will continue. As previously stated this requires 64bit instruction set which ARMv8 is designed for.

Announcing the deal Huawei’s vice president Chen Lifang said “This partnership underlines our continued investment in the UK economy, reinforces our place in the global interconnected ICT supply chain and illustrates the fact that our primary objective is always to deliver the very best service and solutions to our customers. Innovative technology companies such as ARM are vital for any economy. Huawei’s continued partnership with ARM is a key element in our ongoing commitment to the UK. We will continue to collaborate with ARM to ensure Huawei remains at the cutting edge, offering ever more innovative products to consumers in the UK and throughout the world.”

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