Huawei Ascend Y200 is another very popular budget smartphone released in May 2012. Ascend Y200 has a 800Mhz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor ,256MB of RAM and 512MB ROM inside it. With beautiful 3.5inch IPS display , 3.15MP primary camera and other specs, Y200 made a buzz inside the budget smartphone market. If you already have an Ascend Y200 smartphone, this guide is for you! On this guide you will find how to Root Ascend Y200 in order to achieve the full freedom of Android and how to install CWM (Clock Work Mod) which is a special recovery software which allows you to install various custom ROMs on your Y200.



As always make sure that Rooting is about modifying the system files of your phone and there is always a risk doing so. isn’t liable for any damagaes that might happen to your phone so proceed at your own risk. You might not be able to receive future OTA updates from Huawei if you root your device.


  • Windows PC
  • USB Cable

Install ADB Drivers

Make sure that you phone has at least 50% of charge left and plug it in to the computer like you normally would. Browse the mounted CD-ROM driver from the computer and find the /drivers/adb_driver/ you need to install the ADB Drivers  for your Ascend Y200 from here. Unplug your phone and disable App quick launch feature by going in to Settings > Apps and enable USB Debugging from the Development menu.

Now you need to reboot in to the fastboot mode. Power off your Y200 and press [Power + Volume Down] keys until it displays the Huawei logo. Now your phone is on fastboot mode and ready to Root.

Download this application – extract the .rar archive and install it on your PC. This is what we are going to use to Root and flash CWM. Its in German language but installing it by using common sense is really easy :)















After installing open the application and you will be presented with a window like below


Connect your Y200 in fastboot mode to the PC and tick the box on the above window so the choices will get unlocked like shown above. Here are the English explanation for above words

1. The ADB Driver is installed

2. USB Debugging is enabled

3. The device is in fastboot mode

And the tick box basically says “I accept no liability for damaged phones” As we did all above steps already we can safely continue to the next steps.

Click the “ROOT+CWM” button to start rooting. Command line program will open and it might take few minutes to do the job. After that your phone will be automatically restarted and you can remove it from the PC. Congratulations you just Rooted your Y200 and installing Clock Work Mod recovery! Verify this by installing an App which requires Root to work.