Just few days ago we brought you the news about B112 Android 4.2.2 firmware release for the Huawei Ascend P6-U06. Now Huawei has released the B117 firmware update for the Chinese version of Ascend P6 and this new update said to include many bug fixes and performance improvements.

WiFi issues on the previous firmwares are now fixed and the WiFi connections are now more stable with this new B117 firmware. Many of you has gotten WiFi issues with last updates and its nice to see Huawei fixing these problems quickly. And the changelog mentions that B117 firmware is more stable than the previous ones. And some users has reported that the battery life is better on this firmware

Unfortunately Huawei doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the updates for the international version of Ascend P6 because there aren’t any new firmwares available for the International version of the phone. But for all of you want to be a step ahead from others you can download this firmware now and install on your International Ascend P6-U06

Eventhough this firmware is built for Chinese users, you can set the language as English,Spanish or German after installing it. Few Chinese language apps will be present after installing and you can remove those safely by using an specific tool later. Keep in mind that if you have already rooted your Ascend P6, the Root will be gone after installing this new firmware. Also few users has reported that Google contact sync doesn’t work correctly on this firmware.



Always install firmwares at your own risk.  HuaweiNews.com isn’t liable for any damages that might occur

Official Huawei announcement and Download link (very slow) – http://zh.ui.vmall.com/emotiondownload.php?type=P6-U06

HuaweiNews.com fast 1Gbps mirror – http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-P6/V100R001C17B117SP01.zip

Read this guide on how to install this update on your Ascend P6 - http://huaweinews.com/2013/08/ascend-p6-official-firmware-upgrade-guide/

Update 2013/10/11 Official B118 firmware has been leaked today. Read more about it here – http://huaweinews.com/2013/10/ascend-p6-b118-firmware-leaked/