Its been just 3 days since we brought you the news about B117 Android 4.2.2 firmware release for Huawei Ascend P6 (for Chinese version of Ascend P6) .   Today forum member “Digitdia” has managed to obtain a new leaked firmware for the super popular Ascend P6.

This new version is numbered as B118 and according to him this version is set to release as the official version for some regions such as North Africa. Some users has already installed this firmware and they have reported that the GPS performance is improved a lot after the update. WiFi and GSM connectivity, Battery consumption, Performance has also improved on this firmware. This new B118 firmware comes with the upgraded kernel version 3.0.8-00788-g5d19ba2.

Users who are currently on the B111, B112, B114 firmwares can upgrade directly to this new B118 version without causing any trouble. Upgrade process is the simple Huawei default method and here’s the guide if you don’t already know about it – . You can Root this new B118 firmware the same way that you Rooted previous versions. Our guide for Rooting is here –



Always install firmwares at your own risk. This firmware isn’t officially released by Huawei yet and isn’t liable for any damages that might occur

Download link – (1013MB in size)