Well, this is interesting but probably a fake. A phone seems to be the Huawei Ascend P6S has appeared on Taobao.com which is kind of the Amazon.com of China. Suspiciously there aren’t any photos of the Ascend P6S posted there except for some Ascend P6 photos as you can see above.

Here’s the link for the listing (Chinese) – http://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=35607473938

Mirror (In case if the Taobao page gets removed) – http://www.freezepage.com/1382975956DTYFMYNAQF

Everything seems to be genuine on that listing except for the 8 core processor and the Ascend P6 photos. Previously we have wrote about the leaked benchmark of Ascend P6S – http://huaweinews.com/2013/10/ascend-p6s-with-k3v2plus/ and its apparent that Ascend P6S uses a quad core processor instead a 8 core processor. But there is a chance of Huawei using the Mediatek’s latest 8 core processor but considering Huawei’s track record of using their own HiSilicon branded processors, we can pass that possibility.

Also the listing states this phone has a 6 inch 1080P screen,3GB RAM,32GB storage,13MP camera and runs Android 4.2. Huawei is already testing Android 4.3 firmwares for the Ascend P6 and we don’t think that Huawei will release Ascend P6S to the market with Android 4.2.2

Its probably a fake listing and we will be keeping our eye on it to see what happens. We guess, its going to be pulled from the site pretty soon.