Its only been about 3 months since Huawei released its flagship smartphone Ascend P6 to the public. And Huawei hasn’t even finished launching it on regional markets yet. Few days ago an Antutu benchmark of a device called Ascend P6S got posted on the Antutu’s official web site and surprisingly it features the upcoming Huawei Hisilicon K3V2+ processor.







Clock speeds and other specs seems the same as the Huawei K3V2 processor found in the Ascend P6 but the difference on K3V2+ is that it features an upgraded graphics processor and Antutu suggests that it might be the upcoming Mali 450 graphics processor.


Ascend P6S managed to score 22270 points on Antutu benchmark and its on par with the newer devices from other famous manufacturers. We understand its not up to the standards of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 and other super high end processors but since Huawei is a new player in this market, these kind of scores are impressive. K3V2+ is based on the Cortex A9 platform and will be manufactured by the 28nm fabrication process and that will also help to reduce the power consumption.

Here is a comparison test between the K3V2 and the upcoming K3V2+


As you can see on the above graphs floating point,multitask and Integer performance is up on the K3V2+ but not by a huge margin. This can be because of the newer manufacturing process and higher RAM bandwidths. K3V2+ wins the graphics tests by a huge margin.

Huawei has announced its plans for the newer K3V3 Cortex A-15 based processors – but that one doesn’t seems to be ready for the prime time yet. We might get more news about the Ascend P6S soon and we will keep you posted.