Themes and modding is a part of the Android open experience. Android enables you to customize every part of it unlike the other operating systems like IOS. Custom ROM’s like CyanogenMod has a theme support built in to the ROM. Also you can customize much more by installing third party launchers,lock screens and many more but performance degrades most of the time when you work with third party launchers and lock screens.

You might already know that Huawei supports themes by default on their Android smartphones. These themes blend with the core of the Emotion UI because of that there won’t be any performance issues at all. So on this guide we have decided to explain how you can find and install themes on your Huawei Ascend P6.

Best place to find themes is the Chinese Huawei forum called vmall. Developer community for Huawei smartphones is bigger in China so most of the themes comes from there.

Here’s the link to view the available themes –

Note that the above page is in Chinese. Open it on Google Chrome browser and Chrome will translate it to English or any other languages you prefer. You have to register there to download themes. Register button is located on the top right corner of vmall web site. Registering process is typical and very easy.

Registering is not enough to download themes from that web site. As you have noticed vmall web site is actually a forum. Themes posted as threads, just like you find threads on XDA-Developers forum. You have to post something on the theme threads to unlock the download links.

For example take a look at this beautiful MIUI theme – . Open that link and you will find screenshots and other details about the ROM. But you have to post a message below to unlock the download link for it. Post something you prefer and link will automatically unlock on the first post.


Most of these files are .rar archives and you have to extract it to get the theme file. After extracting there will be a xxxx.hwt file. That’s the correct theme file that you need to put on your Ascend P6. But some themes on Vmall comes as xxx.txt files. If you encounter those just rename xxx.txt to xxx.hwt

Now you need to put the downloaded theme file (xxx.hwt) to the themes directory on your Ascend P6. Connect your phone to the computer and upload the file to the themes directory and once its done, the theme selector app will be able to automatically identify the uploaded theme and you can use it to apply it.

Here is a list of some nice themes for Ascend P6 that we like with the links to download, so you don’t have to post on all of the threads to view the links :) -