Well this is interesting! Emotion UI 1.6 is just few months old and Huawei hasn’t even rolled it out to many newer smartphones out there. But today we got the news that Huawei is already testing the Emotion UI 2.0 with selected customers in China. This revelation comes from the Android-hilfe forum member “Digitdia” who is the same man we should thank for many of the recent Ascend P6 firmware leaks.


Looking at the leaked screenshots, Emotion UI 2.0 looks a lot like MIUI and users seems to be able to customize lock screen,dial pad ,menus,widgets and a lot of other options just like MIUI.

According to him Huawei is testing this new Emotion UI 2.0 with 100 specially selected consumers in China. Ascend P6 is used as the base for testing this new version. Since Emotion UI 1.6 runs on top of Android 4.2.2 , this new EMUI 2.0 will probably run on top of Android 4.3. Lets hope we can get a leak for this new ROM soon enough :)

“Digitdia” has published the whole album on his Flicker feed which you can view here – http://goo.gl/2X2E90