According to the “StrategyAnalytics” latest survey reports for the third quarter this year, Huawei has taken the 3rd place on global smart phone market share from its previous number 4 spot. “StrategyAnalytics” considered to be a reputed market analysis company specially in this area.

Huawei has overtaken LG by a margin of 0.3% and as usual Samsung sits on top with 35.2% and then Apple with 13.4%. Huawei has a market share of 5.1% and then LG at the 4th place scoring 4.8%. “StrategyAnalytics” states that Huawei has sold 12.7 million smartphones in the Q3 this year and that’s a 67% improvement compared to last year.



We think the success of Ascend P6 should have helped Huawei to reach this position. But LG might take Huawei’s position again with the sales of its new G2 and upcoming Nexus 5 smartphone. Interestingly HTC , Nokia or Motorola aren’t on the top 5 list of this survey. But its worth to mention that Nokia is gaining huge market share in Europe with the Lumia smartphones and HTC is also making a good progress with HTC One.

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