Look what we have here. This isn’t a SD card even though its built on SD Card form factor. This is a ultra small 3G data card made by Huawei and showcased on CEATEC which is a annual advanced technologies trade show held in Japan. This data card enables your laptop to connect to 3G mobile networks at maximum of 21Mbps HSPA+ speed. Forget about using PCMCIA data cards or USB dongles, we bet the SD card slot on your laptop is free most of the time. By using this 3G SD card you can free up the PCMCIA slot or forget about carrying your USB Dongle/Modem with you.

This is indeed extreme innovation by Huawei and we are amazed by this product. However there is speculation about the ability to use this on other devices such as camera’s etc. But we have to mention that this kind of products require special software and drivers so you will only be able to use this data card on your computer.

Considering the size of this (Smaller antenna) and the interference caused from the internals on your laptop by inserting this to your SD card slot, we are still unsure if this will be a successful product. But since Huawei is a leader in this area, we don’t think that they will give us a half  baked product.  This UltraStick uses nano sim (Found on the Iphone 5 and 5S) cards.

Availability of not yet confirmed and its reported that Huawei is searching for carrier partners to launch this product.