Microsoft is spending lots of money towards advertising its Windows Phone 8 platform and the consumer interest analysis reports revealed that Windows Phone devices are indeed becoming popular and increasing the foot print in Europe and Asia. On past few days we were able to hear news that the Microsoft has asked HTC to build Android and Windows Phone 8 dual boot smartphones.

Now we are receiving news that Microsoft has asked Huawei and Samsung to do the same on their upcoming devices. If they build smartphones and tablets with Android and Windows Phone or RT dual boot option, we doubt if the average users will be able to understand operating 2 separate OS’s on their smartphones. However if they build it right, certainly there will be people interested in buying a dual boot smartphones or tablets.

We all know Huawei is winning the Europe market with their devices. So if Huawei agrees to build dual boot devices, it will help Microsoft to increase the market share and capture more users to its platform. However a timeline for this isn’t available just yet and we don’t know if this project even see the light, but if it happens it will be interesting for sure