In regards of ROM development, lots of things happen on various Android forums around the world. XDA-Developers might be the leader of all, but when it comes to Huawei devices, there’s a bigger audience in Europe and China. Developers on those countries tend to do their work on local community forums. That’s why most of the Huawei custom ROMs and mods, doesn’t even see the light on the XDA-Developers forums.

Chinese Android developer who goes by the nick name “Ry09iu” has made a almost stable MIUI V5 custom ROM for the Ascend P6 and it was posted on Chinese Huawei forums few days ago. We have got hold of the ROM just few hours later and there was a naming mistake which he mistakenly named the ROM for Ascend P6-T00 (Chinese Version) ROM as Ascend P6-U06 (international) version and a phone was soft bricked because of that. So we wanted to iron out that bug and now everything is fixed and the ROM is available to download.

This MIUI V5 custom ROM is based on B116 Android 4.2.2 Huawei official firmware for the Ascend P6. Like mentioned before this ROM works perfect and has very little known bugs. Here are some bugs present in the current release,

* WhatsApp from Google Play not working ( You can fix this by downloading an older version of it )
* Call recording doesn’t work correctly

Original ROM includes only English and Chinese languages and other user has came up with the multi language version of the same ROM. So this ROM includes many languages including Italian,Dutch,German,Spanish,Brazilian,Russian etc.

This custom ROM is only for Ascend P6-U06 International version only and you need to be Rooted prior installing this ROM. Here’s the installation guide,



Always flash ROMs at your own risk. This firmware isn’t officially released by Huawei and isn’t liable for any damages that might occur



Google Apps –


If you have’nt installed a Recovery yet, Follow this guide to install an English version of the Clockworkmod recovery on your Ascend P6 -
1. Run the recovery from the App or reboot to it
2. Place the ROM on your external SD card
3. Select “choose zip from /mnt/ext_sdcard ” to install this MIUI ROM, don’t choose from sdcard/ (don’t wipe data)
4. Reboot your device

You have to flash the provided Google Apps from the recovery later.

Here’s the XDA thread for the official release and user information –