Released just few months ago, Ascend G525 is one out of many Huawei’s mid range Android smartphones. Packing a Qualcomm 1.2Ghz Quad core processor with 1GB RAM,4GB ROM, 4.5inch 540×960 IPS LCD display and 5MP camera which is capable of shooting HD videos, Ascend G525 is not really a bad smartphone at all.

On this guide you can find out how to Root your Huawei Ascend G525 very easily.



As always make sure that Rooting is about modifying the system files of your phone and there is always a risk doing so. isn’t liable for any damages that might happen to your phone so proceed at your own risk. You might not be able to receive future OTA updates from Huawei if you root your device.

First of all install the USB drivers for your Huawei Ascend G525. Now download the universal Rooting tool called “VRoot” from here -

Now you need to install the program on your computer. Its in Chinese but follow the steps below to install it.

vrinstall2 vrinstall3 vrinstall4 vrinstall5 vrinstall6


Now you have to enable USB debugging on your Ascend G525 by navigating to the Settings menu. After that connect it to your PC and Vroot will detect your phone and display a screen like below




Click the green button as suggested and let it do its job. It will take a while and your Ascend G525 will reboot once finished.

Congratulations your Huawei Ascend G525 is now Rooted. Now you will have a SuperUser app installed on your menu but its in Chinese language. If you want you can install an English language Root management app like SuperSU or SuperUser from Google Play. When you open the English language one for the first time, the Chinese one will popup and ask you to grant permission to the English one. You need to press the right hand side button of the Chinese app in order to grant access to the English one.

Or you can just keep the Chinese language one and press the right hand side button when an App asks you for Root permission.