Huawei Ascend Y210/Y210D is a budget Android smartphone which was released in March 2013. Ascend Y210D features a 3.5inch 320×480 TFT display, 256MB RAM, 512MB ROM,2MP Camera,7.2Mbps HSPA connectivity and 1Ghz Qualcomm snapdragon processor with Adreno 200 graphics.  Not too bad specs for a budget phone.

We have wrote a Root and install CWM guide for the Ascend Y200 which you can find here – . However the same procedure doesn’t apply for the Y210 / Y210D because it is a different phone. On this guide you will find out how to Root and install CWM your Ascend Y210/Y210D up to firmware B865.

Download the required files below and save it to a folder

Huawei ADB Drivers –

CWM Installer –

Root –



As always make sure that Rooting is about modifying the system files of your phone and there is always a risk doing so. isn’t liable for any damages that might happen to your phone so proceed at your own risk. You might not be able to receive future OTA updates from Huawei if you root your device.

Lets Start

Extract the and install the drivers on your PC. After installing reboot your PC. Now enable USB-debugging be navigating in to the settings of your Ascend Y210/Y210D and connect it to the PC.

Extract the file and run the included .batch file. Let it do its job and it will take few minutes. After its complete your phone will reboot.

Put the on Root of your SD card by connecting your phone to the PC.  Power off your Ascend Y210/Y210D and boot it by pressing Volume UP+Power button to enter the recovery mode.

Navigate to backup/restore section on the CWM and choose the backup option to create a backup. This is very important because if something happens, you can revert the Root with this later.

Now navigate to Install ZIP from SD-Card and choose the  and choose yes when it asks you to confirm. This will take a while and when its finished your phone will reboot and voila its Rooted! Verify this by running a Root checker app from Google Play.