Huawei Ascend D2 is the most feature rich smartphone yet from Huawei. With a 1080P 441ppi IPS LCD screen, 13MP camera,K3V2 processor and 2GB Ascend D2 is a real beast. Not to mention the steal body and IP54 certified dust and water resistance. Ascend D2 came out March this year and considering Huawei’s quick update schedule we guess Huawei will come up with the successor Ascend D3 soon.

Information about upcoming Huawei Ascend D3 were posted on Chinese Baidu forums. Huawei’s Research and Development Engineer named “Wu Zun” posted a thread there mentioning his role in Huawei and asking users to ask him questions. He has answered many questions about firmware updates and other stuff until 30 long pages passed on that forum thread. Apart from the boring questions on there, there were some interesting ones like this one below. (Translated with Google)



Considering his role of being one of Huawei’s R&D engineers, we guess he will be probably correct with this information. Ascend D series is the Huawei’s best smartphone range and Ascend D3’s hardware will be superior to the upcoming Ascend P6S. Ascend D2 has a metal frame and Ascend D3 might come with a metal back cover like he mentioned. He also mentioned P6S will get a “Baron V9″ processor but we are really lost on this one due to translation.We guess he might have meant Cortex A9 processor because HiSilicon K3V2+ which is confirmed for Ascend P6S is based on Coretex-A9 architecture. Upcoming HiSilicon K3V3 processor will be based on the Cortex A15 architecture.

He hasn’t mentioned any other details about Ascend D3 anywhere on that thread but if you want to take a look yourself here is the link –