Just about 25 days ago, Huawei released the B706 development firmware for the Ascend P1 in the Chinese market as we reported here – http://huaweinews.com/2013/11/ascend-p1-b706-firmware/. Ascend P1 is still running Android 4.1 and it seems like Huawei has no plans to update the Huawei’s most popular smartphone Ascend P1 to Android 4.2 or a later version.

Yesterday Huawei has released a new development firmware named as B707. This firmware is the successor to the previously released B706 firmware and Huawei has included a B706 to B707 transition update which is just 42MB in size with this release. This firmware is intended for the Chinese version of Ascend P6-U9200-1 but same as the previous B706, you can install this firmware on your international Ascend P6-U9200. Here are some information about this firmware,

* Firmware Version – V100R001CHNC00B707

* Android version – Android 4.1.1

* Emotion UI version – 1.6

* Kernel Version – 3.0.31-01919-g2972ff3

Changelog includes many optimizations,new additions and bug fixes to the old B706 firmware. Signal reception issues present in B706 are fixed on this B707 firmware. If you are running B706 at the moment we recommend this update. Google Apps aren’t included and you will have to flash it manually after installing.

Download link [very slow] (Chinese. use Google Chrome to translate) – http://huaweinews.com/go/ascend-p1/b707


Download from HuaweiNews fast 1Gbps mirror - http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-P1/U9200_EmotionUI_1.6_V100R001CHNC00B707.zip

Upgrade instructions

1. Unzip the downloaded file
2. Place the Update.app inside a folder named “dload” on your SD card root directory
3. Power off and turn on your Ascend P6 by holding volume down + volume up + power button

If you install this firmware on your Ascend P1, please share your thoughts with us on the comments below.