Huawei Ascend Y300 and Y301-A2 Vitria, are 2 budget focused smartphones from Huawei. Ascend Y300 is a internationally popular smartphone because of the performance for value ratio it delivers. Both smartphones lacks third party Android ROM and Kernel development mainly because of locked but unlockable ( bootloaders and the lack of kernel source codes.

But fear not, Huawei is trying to be the good guy these days and they have released the kernel source codes for Ascend Y300 and Y301 Vitria models. Both kernels are listed as version 3.4.0 for Jellybean and 109MB in size. But this time Huawei hasn’t mentioned specific firmware versions that these released kernels supports. Huawei usually lists information about the firmware version for the released kernel. But if you are a skilled developer we think you won’t have any doubts about it.

If you are regular user this might not be awesome news as for the developers out there. But be prepared for the influx of stable and great custom ROM’s and kernels.

Download Y301-A1 Vitria kernel source –

Download Y300 kernel source –

– Thanks, “Elion” and “DJ” for sending this tip