Nortel, once  a most prestigious telecommunication company in the world went bankrupt in 2009  and auctioned off its patent portfolio in 2011. Nortel is  considered to be a most innovative company in the world and without a doubt its patent portfolio is huge. Huge enough that it can turn the whole smartphone and wireless devices market upside down. When the patents were auctioned off, Microsoft,Apple,Sony,RIM,EMC,Ericsson formed a alliance called “Rockstar Bidco” to bid on the patents. Google also went to bid alone. Auction got heated up and finally “Rockstar Bidco” won the patents for $4.5 billion because Google turned its hand down after their final bid of $4.4 billion.

Until now the members of “Rockstar Bidco” shared the benefits of its patents and kept silent. But today “Rockstar Bidco” decided to sue Google, Huawei and few other Android smartphone manufacturers over 7 key patents. Lawsuit directly names some of Huawei devices such as Huawei Ascend II , Pemia 4G , MediaPad, IDEOS S7 infringing their patents.

Download the Lawsuit PDF here –

Battling this wont be easy for Google or Huawei because the chances of winning is really slim and most likely the mentioned manufacturers will have to settle this by paying license fees for the “RockStar Bidco”. We will keep you updated as the case develops