Something new from Huawei is coming. Huawei has posted an Youtube video and a picture teaser about an upcoming feature or a device(s) on Huawei device Facebook page. See the video below.

We know its not the best marketing video out there and Huawei could have done it better. It seems like Huawei has spent good amount of money with that ship scene and other few scenes but at least for us, this Video doesn’t look much appealing. However at the end what matters is the outcome right? Here’s the picture posted with it.


If you see the video until the end it teases us that the date is set to December 1st. Huawei will probably announce this first on the Facebook page. Our best guess is that Huawei will unveil Ascend P6S and Ascend Mate 2 because rumors suggested that those devices are set to release on December. But if you noticed, at the “3:00″ minute mark of the video (Pictured on the top of this page),You can see a smartphone,Tab and a mysterious device which looks like a modem. Smartphone looks little bit bigger like a phablet compared to the size of the Tab. Huawei might be trying to give us a clue or this is just a coincidence. Either way we will have to wait until December 1st to find out for sure.

Taken from Huawei Device Facebook page –