TWRP is the short name for “Team Win Recovery Project”. TWRP is a custom recovery program which allows you to do backup/restore, install custom ROMs, flush caches, partition SD card’s and many more. TWRP is similar to more famous CWM (Clockworkmod recovery) but TWRP is considered to be more stable and user friendly compared to CWM. We have wrote an article about how to install CWM recovery on Ascend P6 few months ago But until now there was no working TWRP recovery image for Huawei Ascend P6.

This is going to be a great news for the Ascend P6 community. TWRP Recovery has been successfully ported to Huawei Ascend P6-U06 by the same developer who ported CWM to Ascend P6. Great thing is that almost all the options on TWRP is working at this stage, which isn’t the same for CWM on Ascend P6. Users reported that backup and restore works without a problem with this new TWRP recovery. And also wiping dalvik cache,Factory reset are also reported to be working successfully.

Installing TWRP recovery is very easy if you have CWM installed already. If not follow our previously mentioned guide to install CWM or you can install TWRP the hard way by using ADB shell. Installing TWRP won’t interfere with Huawei’s official ROM updates. You will be still able to install official updates by the manual update method.

Here’s the link to original post with install guide –