We have wrote many articles about Huawei Ascend Y300. Like this one on how to Root Ascend Y300 without unlocking the bootloader http://huaweinews.com/2013/07/root-huawei-ascend-y300/. And this one about an Android 4.3 custom ROM for Ascend Y300 http://huaweinews.com/2013/10/android-4-3-custom-rom-ascend-y300/. At the end of that post, we have promised you that we would write a guide to unlock the bootloader if you asked us in the comments. We received several requests for that and here’s our guide for you! This guide will explain how you can unlock the bootloader of Ascend Y300 easily to flash custom recovery and then possibly install custom ROM’s.

Unlocking the bootloader of Huawei phones has become easy with “DC-Unlocker” program. Its free and you don’t have to wait until Huawei sends you unlock codes.



Unlocking bootloader might void your warranty! And Huaweinews.com isn’t responsible for any damages that might occur. Proceed at your own risk!

Supported Y300 versions : Y300-0100 and Y300-0151

Start by downloading Ascend Y300 USB drivers from here – http://goo.gl/8my9e7

Download DC-Unlocker program from here – http://goo.gl/13AjnW

Install the drivers by using “driversetup.exe” from the downloaded files. Restart your comouter after installing Also install the DC-Unlocker program.

Turn off your Ascend Y300 and then Press  Volume down+Volume up+Power button and hold it for few seconds until the sceen becomes purple. Then connect your Y300 to the PC and wait until it installs the drivers.

Open DC-Unlocker program and under “Select manufacturer” field, choose “Huawei Phones” and under “Select model” field choose “Auto Detect” and click the search button.


It will take few seconds and then DC-Unlocker will display the bootloader unlock code


Write down or copy paste this 16 digit unlock code somewhere so we can use it on next steps. Close the DC-Unlocker program. Now we have obtained the bootloader unlock code. Lets proceed in to next steps

Download ADB Toolkit from here – http://goo.gl/wfR141

Install the ADB Toolkit on the default location and open command prompt of your windows computer. Make sure your phone is still connected to the computer.


adb-toolkit\bin\files\fastboot devices

in the command prompt and hit enter. If it displays an result like the below screenshot, your Y300 is successfully connected to the computer.


Then type the below command to unlock the bootloader. Replace xxxx with the 16 digit unlock code that you obtained before

fastboot oem unlock xxxx


If you receive a result like above, your Ascend Y300 bootloader is successfully unlocked. You can verify it by using

fastboot oem get-bootinfo

Now you can flash a custom recovery on your Ascend Y300 in order to install custom ROMs. We will write a guide about that shortly.