Its true that Huawei MediaPad S7 is about 2 years old. But it doesn’t mean that it cant run latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat. Having specs like 1.2Ghz dual core processor and 1GB RAM, MediaPad S7 is very capable of running the latest version of Android. Huawei won’t ever deliver Android 4.4 firmware update to MediaPad S7 but that doesn’t mean the awesome developer community won’t too. Previously we wrote about a Root guide for MediaPad S7 which you can find here – and now we are going to fulfill our Root guide by introducing you a nice Android 4.4 custom ROM for your MediaPad S7 (S7-30XX)

This Android 4.4 custom ROM is built by the XDA forum member “After-Silence” and now its few revisions ahead from the initial release. It means that most of the bugs are ironed out already instead of few hiccups here and there. Bluetooth is listed as not working at the moment but most of the other functions are working such as,

– FM Radio
– Data connection
– Touchscreen
– Sensors
– Wi-fi
– USB connection to PC (mtp/ptp)
– Sound
– HDMI out
– Video playback
– Camera
– Tethering

As seen on the screenshot above MediaPad S7 running this custom ROM has scored 8976 points in Antutu and that means there won’t be any sort of performance issues. Users who already tried this ROM reported that the performance gain is amazing after they have switched to this ROM.

If you want to install this ROM on your MediaPad your Tab need to be Rooted and running custom recovery like CWM. Like mentioned on the begining here is our guide for that –

Link to XDA thread with download link -