Well this is a surprise! We have previously reported about B118 firmware getting leaked http://huaweinews.com/2013/10/ascend-p6-b118-firmware-leaked/. But that’s almost a month ago and bootloader was locked on that firmware as all the other ones released to the date. Locked bootloader’s means less customization’s and less developer attention towards it. Specially Cyanogenmod guys doesn’t even bother to develop CM official ROM’s for restricted devices like this.

Today Huawei has released official B118 firmware update for the Chinese market. This firmware is different than the leaked B118 because this one has a upgraded kernel compared to the leaked B118 and most importantly developers are reporting that the bootloader is unlocked on this firmware. We don’t have solid information just yet but we will find out soon. If you are running leaked B118 firmware at the moment you should difinetely consider updating to this official release. Here are the details about this new update

* Firmware version – P6-U00_EmotionUI_1.6_V100R001C17B118
* Emotion UI version – 1.6
* Android version – 4.2.2
* Kernel version –  3.0.8-00844

Download links,



Even though almost all of the updates went fine, one of our readers reported that this firmware bricked 2 of his phones. Huaweinews.com isn’t liable for any damages that might occur. So please proceed at your own risk

Huawei release page (Chinese) [slow] – http://goo.gl/pN6x3b
or use,
HuaweiNews 1Gbps mirror [fast] –  http://dl.huaweinews.com/Roms/Ascend-P6/P6-U00_EmotionUI_1.6_V100R001C17B118.zip

Official changelog,
* Updated daily chat, App market market, Music App and some other Apps
* Game compatibility improvements

This firmware is intended for the Chinese P6-U00 but you won’t have any problems installing this on your international P6-U06. Keep in mind that languages such as Polish,Dutch might not be included but English is available on this firmware. Google Apps might not be included and you will have to root and install those later.

After all it looks like Huawei’s unlock possibilities http://huaweinews.com/2013/11/huawei-unlock-possibilities/ teasers are for unlocking the bootloaders of the phones. Huawei will release information about it today as promised and keep reading our web site to find out.