Few weeks ago China’s first 4G network went live. China is late to the 4G market and covering the whole country will take a lot of time. However smartphone manufacturers including Huawei aren’t going to miss the opportunity to enter the blooming 4G market.

About 2 weeks ago we brought you the news about the 4G Ascend G716 smartphone details getting leaked – http://huaweinews.com/2013/12/ascend-g716-4g-pics-specs/ Today Huawei has released duo of 4G LTE smartphones namely Ascend G716 LTE and Ascend D2 LTE. As for tablets Huawei has released the LTE version of Mediapad 10 FHD tab. Unfortunately all of these devices are for the Chinese markets and you won’t be able to import a Huawei 4G smartphone from China and use the 4G features overseas as of right now because of the difference in technology and the supported bands.




Ascend D2 and the MediaPad 10 FHD features the same Huawei K3V2 processor just like its international versions but the LTE features are achieved by coupling the Balong 710 LTE chipset with the K3V2. Model number for the Ascend D2 LTE is “D2-6070″.

Huawei has also released two TD-LTE USB dongles and a Router. These devices are capable of handling both TD-LTE and international FD-LTE bands. So you won’t have problems if you roam with these. Maximum download speed is 150Mbps and upload is 50Mbps.