Huawei actually released 3 devices at the yesterday’s event even though the Honor 3X and 3C had the primary focus as we reported But other device Huawei released yesterday mostly went unnoticed from the folks on internet. Its the Huawei’s latest portable 3G WiFi hot spot router and the external battery combo named as “Meow King” or E5730S.

E5730S is Huawei’s first 3G WiFi hot spot to feature smartphone or tablet charging by its built in 5200mAh battery. E5730S has some interesting features such as,

* DC-HSPA+ 42Mbps network support
* WiFi N 72.2Mbps Connection Speed
* LAN port
* 5200mAh Sony/Sanyo premium battery
* 16 hours of maximum connection time
* Weighs only 170g
* 5 second boot up time
* Android/IOS Apps to control the device

Here’s a leaked promo video of E5730S

Huawei is currently selling this device at their own vmall store for about $75 and there is no information about international availability. But since this device supports most of the international 3G bands, we guess Huawei will surely bring this device to the international crowd.


Management of the E5730S is done by the “Huawei Mobile Wifi 2″ app which is available on Google play and Apple App store. App has a nice interface to it and it displays all the necessary data such as battery capacity left,data usage,APN settings and many more.

E5730S is a great device for the price and as Huawei claims to be using a Sony or Sanyo battery on it, We guess the longevity will be better than the other cheap WiFi hotspot’s and external battery packs out there.