New set of pictures showing unknown unreleased Huawei smartphone were just got leaked on Weibo microblogging web site. Looking at the leaked pictures and considering the information given to us by the tipster who sent this information to us, this smartphone is not Ascend G750, 730, 716 or Ascend Mate 2.

This is a totally different smartphone than the ones lined up to be released by Huawei. Back cover has the same looks of Ascend Mate 2 but the speaker position is different. Front sensor position’s are different than the other upcoming smartphones. Our best guess is that this might be the upcoming Ascend D3 or recently leaked Huawei H30-T00.

Housing looks well built and its reasonably thin. Also it looks like a unibody smartphone but according to the information we published few days ago on here – Ascend D3 will feature a metal back and a metal body. We know that information doesnt match well with these leaked photos but we guess we will find out soon