If you have experience in modding your android smartphones, you might have already heard about “Xposed Framework”. Its a great little mod which lets you to modify the Android OS without modifying .apk files or installing custom ROMs. Xposed framework lets you to completely overhaul the looks of your Android smartphone. And its a blessing for the smartphones like Huawei because you don’t need to wait until someone release a custom ROM to change the looks of your phone. And Xposed Framework’s functionality is beyond what you can expect from themes available on Google Play store.

Getting Xposed Framework to work on some smartphones is little bit tricky. But today we got the news that Xposed Framework is now ported to work on the Huawei Ascend P6. This port is done by the XDA forum member “Ry09iu” who is the same developer who brought us MIUI V5 custom ROM for Ascend P6.

The Xposed Framework he released (2.3.1) is not the absolute latest version available from the original developers (2.4.1). But you aren’t missing out neither because the newest version doesn’t include any improvements except Android 4.4 support. If you are installing the Xposed Framework make sure to backup your device first and it might have some bugs so proceed at your own risk.

Download link – http://goo.gl/CqZB6s

Link to XDA thread – http://goo.gl/rcLLzy