These days every major player is releasing a mini version of their top flagship phones. Huawei might have thought that they will be left out of the “mini” game if they won’t come up with a smaller revision of the top dog. Ascend G6 is designed to cater that market segment. About a month ago we have received some information about a phone named G6-T00 but too bad we left it out thinking it was just a unknown Hauwei smartphone destined for China. But now G6-T00 turned out to be a major international smartphone of Huawei.

Photos and specifications of Ascend G6 were leaked after it went through Chinese authority certifications and here are some of the details,

Model name – Ascend G6 G6-T00
Processor – 1.3Ghz MediaTek Quadcore MT6582
Display – 4.5inch 960 x 540 IPS LCD
SD card support – Yes up to 32GB
Camera – 8MP main / 5MP front
Dimensions – 130 x 65 x 7.5 mm
Android version – 4.2.2

At just 7.5mm thick Ascend G6 isn’t be the slimmest phone out there but its thicker than the 6.2mm Ascend P6. While G6 looks like Ascend P6 one major difference is that the touch buttons are now on the bezel instead of soft touch screen buttons used on Ascend P6. However this is actually an advantage because the whole 4.5inch display will be usable. We don’t have a price point yet for the G6 but he guess it will be under $170. Here are some of the additional photos from the certification process,