Last official update for Ascend P6 was B118 released on December 1st last year with an unlocked bootloader – Huawei is slowly marching towards Android 4.4 KitKat update but they haven’t stopped releasing Android 4.2 updates for Ascend P6 just yet.

Today Huawei has released a official update for Ascend P6 named as B120. As with the previously mentioned B118 update, this B120 firmware is intended for the Chinese region and as a result of that there are some annoyances that you have to deal with such as lack of Google Apps and included Chinese Apps. But those issues can be fixed easily by rooting your device. If you want to get the latest bug fixes and performance improvements on your Ascend P6 without dealing with custom ROM’s, flash this firmware because Huawei is known to deliver the latest updates to the Chinese region first.

Here are some of the details about this official B120 update

Region – China
Release date – January 16, 2014
For – Ascend P6-U06
Firmware version – V100R001C17B120
Emotion UI version – 1.6
Android version – 4.2.2
Google Apps included – No

Official changelog is very short but here are some of the noticeable improvements

* Phone sometimes turning off while charging fixed
* Stability improvements
* Fixed third party application compatibility issues


Alert! isn’t liable for any damages that might occur. So please flash these firmware’s at your own risk. You may void your warranty by flashing a Chinese firmware on your international device

Download link –

Release page (chinese) –