Sorry if you got the title wrong we are talking about the Ascend P6S here. The long awaited successor to the current Ascend P6. Here’s a summery of our previous articles about Ascend P6S leaks,

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Many of you including us were hoping that Ascend P6S will be unveiled at CES alongside Mate 2 but unfortunately it never happened. Everything including compliance certifications were telling us Ascend P6S was due soon but it isn’t here yet. We guess Huawei might have had some issues with production or this might related to the marketing agenda of Huawei.

Huawei has released a firmware on their Chinese web site for the Ascend P6S-U06. Version number is B118 and Android version is Android 4.2 just like leaked before. Huawei has marked this firmware as “The official version shipped” on its download page and that obviously means its the initial release firmware for the Ascend P6S. We are baffled why Huawei has released a firmware for a device that they didn’t even officially acknowledged of its existence.

Link to the Ascend P6S B118 firmware details page (Chinese) –

Full firmware version number is V100R001C17B118 and its intended for the “China Unicom” version of Ascend P6S. China Unicom version is the regular GSM version of the phone and this means that if Ascend P6S won’t be be available internationally, you will still be able to import a China Unicom version from China and use it in your country. We got some insider news that Ascend P6S will be announced in China within next few days and we will keep you updated accordingly.