If you live outside of China and excited about Huawei’s latest smartphones like Honor 3C and Honor 3X you might be waiting until those phones available for sale at your own country. We receive lots of messages both on this site and on our Facebook page, asking when the Honor 3C and Honor 3X will be available for sale at specific countries. Unfortunately we don’t have a official time frame about that yet. However we know most of you might be comfortable buying stuff online and this guide focuses about where you can buy the aforementioned smartphones.

It’s too soon to start searching Ebay for Honor 3C and 3X. In fact if you search for Honor 3C on Ebay you will find none other than accessories like covers and stylus’s. Best web site to buy Honor 3C and 3X at the moment is AliExpress.com. If you never heard about AliExpress, that’s actually the biggest international buying and selling web site behind Ebay and Amazon. The concept and most functions of the site are same as Ebay. Its flooded by Chinese sellers and you can find some epic gadgets on there if you take a peek.

If you search Aliexpress for “Huawei Honor 3C” or “Huawei Honor 3X” you will find lots of listings for the specific phones. Beware! same “Ebay” common sense applies here. Check feedback of sellers that you are willing to purchase your smartphone.


See that the interface looks almost same as Ebay. You can check the feedback by clicking the number below seller name. You might not find feedback for selling the Honor 3C or 3X yet because obviously these phones are still new and didn’t had time for buyers to receive their items and leave feedback. But you can get an overall idea about viewing general feedback of the sellers.

Some of the phones comes with free accessories like memory cards so don’t forget to view few listings before making your purchase. And sometimes you can buy cheap if you buy more than one phone like you can see on the above screenshot. On the illustrated listing, buying 1 piece of Honor 3C will cost you $146 while buying many more will cost you $129 per piece. Some sellers offer free shipping for the items.

One thing to note about using these phones overseas is compatibility with your network. Check your carrier network bands to see if they support Honor 3C/3X bands. Mostly it won’t be a problem but on some countries you will face problems like 3G data not working because of incompatible bands. That’s it. Enjoy shopping :)