Update – One of our readers reported to us that the Antutu screenshot is from a ZTE phone running ZTE’s 8 core processor. Weibo post for that information can be found here – http://goo.gl/UuUazA. However this isn’t a indication that Huawei 8 core news is false. Person who posted that news on Vmall forum might have mentioned this ZTE’s Antutu benchmark as a comparison and things might have lost in the translation from Chinese to English. 

Almost 6 months ago we wrote that Huawei is developing the next iteration of HiSilicon K3V2 processor named as K3V3 http://huaweinews.com/2013/07/hisilicon-k3v3-processor-is-confirmed/. K3V2 is 2 years old but Huawei is still using it and the variations of it on their latest phones. This is the time for a change because every processor manufacturer is marching towards to achieve maximum power and efficiency which K3V2 lacks at this moment.

On Huawei’s own Vmall forum, some information was leaked about alleged 8 core processor made by Huawei including a screenshot of an Antutu benchmark. At CES 2013 (last year) Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu told to the media that Huawei is indeed working on a 8 core processor and might have something at the end of 2013. This might be the processor that Mr. Yu talked about.

If the leaked screenshot of Antutu benchmark is true, it will be amazing and way ahead of other 8 core competitors such as MediaTek and Samsung. Screenshot shows that Huawei’s 8 core processor has scored 38926 points and as a comparison Snapdragon 800 equipped Galaxy Note 3 only scores around 34000 points. Leaked information also suggests that this processor consumes less than 60% of power which Snapdragon 800 requires.

Since the screenshot proves Huawei was able to put this new processor in to practical tests, we hope the release date won’t be very far. Maybe the upcoming Ascend P7 will get this one.

Link to the Vmall forum thread (chinese) – http://goo.gl/VYfEGH