Have you seen the Mac Pro’ish, Huawei TRON? http://huaweinews.com/2014/01/huawei-tron-leaked/ It’s time to another Apple inspired gadget from Huawei. This time it’s a WiFi,HDMI router called ‘MEMO’ built by Huawei taking cues from Apple’s ‘Airport Extreme’. Not just the design also the functions of ‘MEMO’ are mostly similar to the ‘Airport Extreme’ and the ‘Airport Time Capsule’. According to the information we received MEMO has a bunch of connectivity options such as,

* SD Card reader
* USB 3.0 interface
* HDMI port
* Ethernet port

Sources suggests that HDMI port also works as a HDMI input and that is really interesting because its not often that we get to see that option in smart routers. MEMO also supports WiFi 802.11ac and it has a built in hard disk and supports another external hard disk connected via USB 3.0 port. 

MEMO runs Android inside it and the Chinese sources says that MEMO supports streaming video from Huawei and Baidu clouds and also it has a function to copy SD card data to the internal hard disk just by pressing a button. We hope MEMO will also support Youku,Youtube and other online content streaming sites. 

MEMO has a power button and 3 LED bulbs at its front and sources says that the whole device is really small. We are wondering what type of hard disk Huawei might have put in this device and whether it will be user removable or not. Huawei MEMO will go on sale in the third quarter of this year and if you are interested in getting a Huawei TRON gaming console, MEMO will be a nice companion for it.